Metaverse Development System

The complete solution for successful metaverse projects

About MDS

Metaverse Development System is an extensive set of technology solutions for Metaverse projects of different industries and use-cases.

Actively maintained, optimized, and expanded. Continuously onboarding new projects to our MDS platform.

3D Metaverse



What we offer?

Quest 2

We support all EVM-compatible networks (e.g. Ethereum, Avalanche, BSC…), including Layer 2 networks and subnets!


for the client

We’ve got a robust pipeline and can get things done efficiently, propelling your project forward.

Interactive 3D NFTs, cross-platform project compatibility, secured direct blockchain connectivity, layer 2 solutions and up to 30x cheaper transactions.

  • Limitless possibilities with interactive 3D graphics

  • The most advanced 3D NFT system

  • Cross-platform project compatibility, don’t limit your users to just one type of device

  • Ability to cross-connect your project with other projects

  • Up to 30x cheaper blockchain transactions by using Layer 2 solutions

  • Highly secure and direct blockchain connectivity

  • Save on research and development costs by using our system


These are the projects of our clients that are reaping the benefits of our MDS platform: