Dawn of Crypton

Prequel Game to Cosmic Universe with up to 30x cheaper transactions
with the L2 solution of our choice

About the project

Dawn of Crypton (DoC) is a 2D Minigame Prequel to the Cosmic Universe MMORPG. This game will provide Cosmic Universe’s players with the opportunity to gather resources and other valuable items ahead of the release of Cosmic Universe.

There are two major aspects, Profession Expeditions and Elven Adventures, accompanied with some smaller microgames within the DoC game.

Every item in the game is tokenized as an NFT.


Our DoC game provides players of MMORPG Cosmic Universe:

Blockchain connection

NFTs usage in gameplay

Interactive UI experience

Microgames & Tokenized assets

User Interface

Tokenized Assets


Each character Profession will have its own unique Profession Tools. With these tools, players can unlock exclusive resources, items, and buildable structures, as well as open up new gameplay experiences. Rarer and sturdier tools will also be rewarded during gameplay.


Resources not found in the wild in Cosmic Universe can be unlocked by specific Professions. Each Profession provides an avenue to unique resources being unlocked and received, and usable in the MMORPG.

Potions & Elixirs

Potions allow players to perform feats such as decrease time to complete Expeditions and increase the chances of completing an Expedition. Elixirs may increase the amount of rewards a player receives or can guarantee the winning of certain items.


Numerous and varied rewards are winnable within Dawn of Crypton, many of which are transferable to the Cosmic Universe MMORPG.

Game Preview

Gameplay ThumbnailGameplay ThumbnailGameplay ThumbnailGameplay Thumbnail


Currently Dawn of Crypton is compatible with platforms: