Cosmic Universe

Blockchain based metaverse world-builder and MMORPG with tradable NFTs and up to 30x cheaper transactions with the L2 solution of our choice.

About the Project

Cosmic Universe is a blockchain-based MMO game with RPG and homesteading elements, forming its own metaverse. A magical gaming experience where players are free to explore, harvest, mine, build settlements, socialize, and engage in friendly PVP competitions and events.

This game is using Avalanche as the main L1 blockchain solution and also Boba Network as the L2 solution which makes blockchain transactions costs around 9 times.

Gameplay DEMO

Project accomplishments

User-customizable NFTs

Recreated 2D NFT collection in 3D

2 unique stylized character collections

Custom Game Launcher

3D land plot NFT visualization

Direct Live Blockchain connectivity

Scalable dedicated multiplayer servers

In-game connection with Discord community server

Environment Design

In game playable 3D NFTs

The whole collection of 10k 3D NFT characters took only
2 hours and 21 minutes to render!

That is much faster than weeks needed to render using other software. And these 3D NFTs are playable in game!

Cosmic Universe, our clients were inspired by high fantasy worlds and wanted to create their own universe, providing a friendly, vibrant, and relaxing atmosphere without focusing on combat. Though the client provided us with 2D concept art, we still enjoyed a lot of artistic freedom to bring the 2D drawings to life in 3D.

One of the challenges we faced was finding the balance between optimizing our scenes in order to render multiple characters simultaneously, and preserving the high quality of close-up renders. We drew inspiration from a plethora of modern stylized games of different genres.

One of the challenges we faced was finding the balance between optimizing our scenes in order to render Well-known titles such as Fortnite, Overwatch, and Genshin impact formed the foundation of our visual style guide.

While elements from games like Palia, Warcraft and others were re-created from the ground up with our own unique spin added on top, making up the multitude of activities one can engage in when playing CU.

Styalized characters

2 collections of 10K in-game playable 3D NFT characters

Tools & Equipment

Stylized custom made 3D assets

Interactive 3D NFT Showroom