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Immersive trading card game where every player enjoys custom-made cards, ensuring unmatched gameplay variety.

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About the project

Kortstrid is an enthralling trading card game (TCG) set in a vast and immersive fantasy world, blending elements of MMOs and strategic battles to provide players with a truly unique gaming experience.

At its core, Kortstrid features a diverse cast of heroes, enemies, bosses, gods, NPCs, and companions, each possessing their own distinct abilities and roles within the game.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Kortstrid is that the cards are uniquely created for every player, ensuring that more often than not, no two cards are the same.


Kortstrid players will be provided with:

Full 2D NFT collection generated

Direct blockchain connection

NFTs usage in gameplay

Interactive UI experience

Full Steam store integration with micro-transactions

Very competitive AI bot opponent

User Interface

Types of Cards


Common card
  • 4 numbers (top/bottom/left/right middle)
  • 1 damage modifier
  • 3 weakness modifiers


Uncommon card
  • 4 numbers (top/bottom/left/right middle)
  • 1 Element
  • 1 Damage modifiers
  • 2 Weakness modifiers


Rare card
  • 4 numbers (top/bottom/left/right middle)
  • 1 Element
  • 1 Defense modifiers
  • 1 Weakness modifiers


Legendary card
  • 4 numbers (top/bottom/left/right middle)
  • 1 Element
  • 2 Damage modifiers
  • 1 Weakness modifiers


Epic card
  • 4 numbers (top/bottom/left/right middle)
  • 1 Element
  • 1 Damage modifiers
  • 2 Defense modifiers


Supreme card
  • 4 numbers (top/bottom/left/right middle)
  • 2 Element
  • Defense all modifier
  • Damage all modifier

Game Preview

Ui ScreenshotUi ScreenshotUi Screenshot

Play Kortstrid on Steam:

Kortstrid is available right now for free on steam

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