Game Dev

With more than a decade spent in the 3D graphics industry, we as a company can proudly say that working with us, our clients can be sure their projects are in the safe hands and their vision will come to reality in the most glorious way possible.

Our main software is Unreal Engine which is an industry leading game engine. It comes with everything you need to build and ship successful multi-platform games and location-based environments for any genre with great performance and also visual results.

Whether it is a singleplayer game or complex MMORPG we cover every stage of the project, from start to final production and top-notch quality visuals for marketing material



We are capable of developing various types of games for multiple platforms such as Windows PC, Virtual Reality, Linux, MacOS, Android, IOS…







Multiplayer & Networking

We can offer to our clients complete, from start to finish, game development, which also includes multiplayer and networking framework.

Modern multiplayer experiences require synchronizing vast amounts of data between large numbers of clients spread around the world. What data you send and how you send it is extremely important to providing a compelling experience to users since it can drastically affect how your project performs and feels.

This is why we chose Unreal Engine and why we are so confident to offer it to our clients as software of choice when it comes to game development and more. Unreal Engine ships with a scalable and proven client/server architecture and also cross-platform abilities.

Apart from Unreal Engine and its capabilities, our programmers are here to merge all the wires together and provide full support to our clients.

3D Modeling

Most of our 3D artists come with a gaming background. Major part of them were inspired by various games to start learning the art and technology behind all those glorious games.

Our artists cover the full 3D pipeline from sculpting and modeling, all the way to final, optimized and rigged Unread Engine characters with physics.

Whether we work on characters or 3D assets, realistic or stylized, we make sure every one of our 3D models completes the requirements of the project we work on. We have clear documentation, strict standards and a dedicated team of artists.

Female Wizard


When it comes to animations, we can work with and create custom rigs, and also set up easy animation retargeting for different skeletons.

One of the Unreal Engine features we are proficient with is Control Rig which provides benefits such as:

  • Non-destructive workflow

  • Animating in-engine

  • Blueprint accessibility

  • Real-time animation visualization

  • Procedural animations

  • Physics


Tell a full and incredible story through your game with us. We can do high quality cinematics, cutscenes, animations and other visual effects which can really boost the quality of the whole gaming experience. Unreal Engine contains robust Cinematic tools enabling you to create animated and cinematic sequences.

Marketing Material

From in-editor screenshots to official game trailers and cinematics, we offer to our clients the whole package of services such as: