One of the areas we are most experienced with is real-time characters.

We cover the full 3D pipeline from sculpting and modeling, all the way to final, optimized, and rigged Unreal Engine characters with physics.

Rig Compatibility

The video demonstrates our custom elf character’s compatibility with any of the ue4 mannueqin's animation that can be found on the unreal marketplace, as well as easy retargeting of Mixamo animations.

We can also work with and create custom rigs

Set up easy animation retargeting for different skeletons

Rig compatibility demo

Control Rig

The main benefits of control rig feature the following.

  • Non-destructive workflow

  • Allows animating in-engine

  • Blueprint accessibility

  • Real time animation visualisation

  • Procedural animations

  • Physics


Modularly built character assets allow players to mix and match clothing, hair, headwear, facial traits, and makeup to assemble their own playable characters

Modularity demo


Real-time rendering is what we are passionate about, and with realistic characters, we aim to bridge the gap between cinematics and gameplay by using cutting-edge tools and creating characters of cinematic quality running in real-time.

A realistic looking human


Our team of skilled artists takes great pride in crafting stylized characters that are full of personality and life. From realistic to cartoonish, we have the skills and versatility to bring any character to life in a way that is both visually stunning and true to its intended style.

Character full-body imageCharacter full-body imageCharacter full-body imageCharacter full-body imageCharacter full-body image


Cloth physics create secondary motion and bring characters to life The video above demonstrate game cloth physics on the 6 basic silhouette shapes that encompass the majority of clothing types that could require cloth physics:

Loose sleeves, ribbons/ropes, capes, open ended dresses, skirts and full dresses