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Realistic. Stylized. Optimized.

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All of our environments are carefully crafted with both stunning visuals and optimal performance at the forefront of our priorities.

Utilizing Unreal Engine’s powerful feature set including tools like Lumen, Nanite and our own in-house custom systems enables us to create both hyper-realistic as well as stylized scenes that are equally breathtaking.

Great real time rendering performance

Through maintaining good modelling practices, optimizing our materials pipeline and keeping the scene’s texel density under control we are able to achieve high visual quality, while at the same time keeping real-time rendering performances on a high level whether we create realistic or stylized environments.

Lumen UE System

We make use of UE5’s new Global Illumination feature that assists us in creating living, breathing environments at a fraction of the time it would have taken to do beforehand. By cutting down on traditional lightmap size adjustment and baking times, we are able to redouble our efforts in creating the best-suited lighting setup for any one of our scenes.

Day - night cycle

Via our custom blueprints, we can even influence things such as the duration of a day-night cycle, the sun’s position in the sky based on specific times of the year, make automatic brightness adjustments throughout the day, and much more.


Each of our structural assets is purpose-built to allow for versatile applications and scaling. A variety of different layouts and designs can be achieved for individual buildings by combining those structural pieces.

Modularity demonstration

Dynamic level design

Player-landscape-Foliage interactivity

By utilizing Realtime Virtual Textures, the player is able to interact with the world around them, displacing grass and other foliage alike. The live landscape material also adjusts the appearance of the assets populating it based on the properties of its different layers. A tree placed on the desert will wither, and tall grass will not grow in the tundra. This dynamic way of level design allows excess time and freedom to the artists, and that’s used for creating even more immersive and captivating scenery.

Wind system

With our custom-built material systems we have achieved intuitive, project-wide control of foliage and cloth wind mechanics, while retaining the ability to tweak values for individual actors.

Custom 3D Models

Every project that we work on has different needs and requirements, which is why we have strict standards for each one of them when it comes to creating our own in-house assets.

Whether realistic or stylized, we make sure that our models are optimized based on each project’s needs, stay consistent to our set standards, and are as reusable as they can be.