Interactive 3D NFT


Connected directly with blockchain

About The Project

Our 3D NFT Showroom is the most interactive experience that NFT enthusiasts can get, as it reinforces the legitimacy of an NFT collection.

Whether you wish to fully appreciate freshly bought NFTs, or to just preview and even customize NFTs before minting them, our 3D NFT Showroom is the right tool for you!

Cutting-edge Features

Our feature-packed 3D NFT Showroom allows you to:

Mint, transfer, and even use NFTs, all within the NFT Showroom.

Customize the appearance of your NFTs before minting them.

Observe 3D NFTs from any angle, thanks to our integrated camera controls! Zoom, pivot and rotate around your 3D NFTs just as you would be able to in the actual game/metaverse.

Preview animations in real-time, exactly as they would appear in-game. Watch your character run and dance, or fire your weapon!

Demo preview

Left: 3D NFT Showroom; Right: Website The Current ID displayed within the showroom on the left, corresponds to the ID of the most recently minted Elf on the right side

Feature preview

Swap between different animations using the drop-down pose selector menu.

Feature preview

The spinner box allows for fast and intuitive swapping between different characters in real-time.

Feature preview

Swap between different cameras: Body or Head, and rotation.


It is compatible with all kinds of 3D models, including but not limited to:

  • Characters

  • Clothing

  • Structures

  • Buildings & Cities

  • Weapons & Tools

  • Various Props & Items

  • Land plots

  • Photogrammetry Scans

…plus any other type of 3D model you can think of!

When trading or minting NFTs via the Blockchain, the authentication process requires the user’s private keys, which are liable to getting stolen or otherwise compromised.

To combat this, our 3D NFT Showroom provides users with a secure and easy way of accessing their NFTs. By having the users’ private keys stored locally instead, they are shielded from any blockchain-related malicious attacks, whilst also offering:

  • Direct and live, real-time communication with any Ethereum or Polygon based blockchain.

  • The ability to mint NFTs live, straight via the Showroom app.

The 3D NFT Showroom brings an immense value proposition to the world of NFTs. Its interactive 3D NFTs have proven to be more versatile than traditional 2D NFTs. 3D is better than 2D. Interactive 3D is better than still 3D.

Safe user's private keys

By having the users’ private keys stored locally instead, they are shielded from any blockchain-related malicious attacks.


Our 3D NFT Showroom is compatible with a large variety of platforms:

  • Windows PC

  • Linux PC

  • Android

  • iOS

  • PC VR

  • Oculus Quest VR