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Cosmic Universe

A play-to-earn fantasy crypto gaming metaverse on the Harmony blockchain.

Cosmic Universe is an immersive fantasy metaverse MMORPG where players explore realms, harvest, mine, build increasingly-advanced settlements, and engage in PVP competitions and events. 
Cosmic Universe gives players full ownership of their NFT characters and land, and integrates the play-to-earn model into its ecosystem. Create, trade, and monetize NFTs and other gaming experiences.

Join Quests

  • Main Quests, Truth Quests, and Side Quests
  • Rewarding online gaming tournaments
  • NFT-based crypto gaming experience
  • Explore, build, and level-up in Cosmic Universe

Buy, Sell & Trade NFTs

  • Buy, sell, and trade land plots and settlements
  • Mind, harvest and buy NFTs, artifact, relic and equipment 
  • Create your own NFTs and make your own assets

Solutions we provided

NFT collection: Converting from 2D to 3D

Our client had an NFT collection of ten thousand characters in a form of 2D images. Pretty standard situation.
Our job was to create matching 3D equivalents of those 2D characters.
Client had provided us with metadata about the whole collection which was pulled from smart contract on the blockchain itself. Metadata was provided in a form of JSON file.

Initially we had to do some cleaning up and reformatting of the JSON file.
After that, we tested the integrity of data and core system processes.

Client had also provided us with 2D images which were used for the initial NFT collection of 2D characters, and these assets were used to create matching equivalent 3D pieces. These were then used for combining together and getting playable 3D characters which look like their matching 2D pairs.


For this project we have developed many solutions specific to modern metaverses. We have developed a custom software solution, based on our Ultimate NFT Suite, which allows for automatic generation of a full 3D collection of characters (wizards) and creatures (dragons).
Another key area is automatic generation of thumbnails for land plots NFT presale.

If you want to know more about this part of the work you can do it by clicking on button bellow.

Original 2D

Generated 3D

In-game playable 3D Character

Additional work and services

  • Gameplay Mechanics
  • 3D modeling and rigging
  • Technical & Business Consulting

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