Metaverse Bootcamp

Work with a professional team of global peers. Gain a 1:1 mentorship in developing your skills. Build your first Metaverse platform and become a Job-ready expert.

This Bootcamp will cover all you need to know about developing Metaverse platforms and also guide you through developing your own Metaverse project in Unreal Engine 5. Every piece of the training has been curated with mind maps to explain the “why” behind every action, with hands-on projects to show you “how” to get it done. The tools, tricks and concepts you will learn in this program will prepare you for an entry-level job role in the Metaverse Space.

Why this Bootcamp

  • Live interaction with instructors/facilitators on important & specific insights that gets the job done.
  • Practical tutoring that moves beyond the basic stuff & equips you with the hard skills.
  • Learn the dynamics of working & collaborating in a professional team setting.
  • A unique portfolio project piece that separates you from the crowd.
  • Access to support, coaching, & network to help you land a job role.

This program is best fit for

  • A newbie interested in a lucrative career in tech
  • A 3D professional interested in gaining new skills as a Metaverse platform developer
  • I’m just curious about the Metaverse.


  • Decent English skills.
  • Stable internet connection.
  • A decent windows computer, laptop or desktop.
  • Mindset for growth.

What you will learn?

  • What exactly is a metaverse and what are its use cases
  • How to approach metaverse development (Metaverse development frameworks)
  • Why and how to use Unreal Engine for metaverse development
  • Most important Unreal Engine skills for beginner Metaverse Developers
  • Basic programming concepts using UE Blueprints
  • How to save time by automating tasks
  • Working with Assets and plugins
  • How to work with source control
  • Professional guidelines & practices for working in a team environment
  • Expanding your knowledge and growing your career as a metaverse developer
  • Capstone project – Develop your own metaverse

Dragoslav "Drago" Pavlovic

Drago is an Unreal Engine and 3D Graphics expert with 13 years of experience in real-time 3D graphics applications. He works with cross-functional teams and diverse industrial brands to develop and create enterprise metaverse platforms, video games, digital twin solutions, advanced 3D visualizations, and virtual venues.

His deep technical understanding and leadership have been demonstrated across many projects in the 3D space. He is the CEO of Valsogard Enterprise, a US 3D technology firm.

My platform of choice is Unreal Engine 5, the most powerful real-time 3D rendering software and the go-to software in many industries such as Entertainment, Enterprise, Movies, and Automotive. You will be gaining top-notch practical exposure to the technologies, techniques, tools, tricks, and mental models that my team and I have developed over the years of constant research and project execution. See you soon.

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Valsogard Enterprise LLC
16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes
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Valsogard Enterprise LLC
16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes
Delaware 19958, USA